Breaking Down A Funeral

Breaking Down A Funeral

Breaking Down A Funeral


Most individuals have attended a funeral at some point in their lives, but how many really stop to think about all that goes into it? All too frequently, we don’t think about what goes into a funeral until we need to plan one. However, it can really pay to prepare yourself ahead of time by breaking down the typical funeral and every part of the funeral process.


The Funeral Process


In short, a funeral is an honoring and celebration of the life of a person who has recently passed. Some funerals are held alongside a burial, while others may take place before or after a cremation. A common process involves a viewing, a funeral, a burial service, and a wake or a funeral reception all occurring within the same week. Every part of a funeral exists for loved ones to have a chance to say goodbye, while gaining closure to honor the deceased’s life.


The 3 key purposes of a funeral include:


  1. The caring for of the remains – The body of the recently deceased is typically taken care of either before or after the funeral service. In instances where the deceased has chosen to be cremated, this will typically happen before the funeral, although it can happen after. For a burial, a funeral will typically occur and the body will be lowered into the earth during the following burial ceremony. In some instances, the family will toss the first bits of earth on top of the casket after the body has been gently placed into its final resting area. This is done to symbolize taking final care of a loved one.


  1. Honoring the life of a loved one – A funeral also serves the purpose of honoring the life of a loved one and paying tribute to them one final time. The person’s accomplishments, milestones, and unique spirit will be celebrated, with family and friends sharing stories to the funeralgoers of their memories of them. The funeral serves to help all of those in attendance to remember just the extraordinary impact the deceased individual had while here on earth.


  1. Sharing grief – The sharing of memories and the honoring of one’s life are two important parts of the grieving process for many. At a funeral, those grieving the deceased will be able to join together and share in their grief, using one another for support during a very difficult time. For many, the funeral is a very important part of a healthy grieving process.


Burial Insurance To Keep Prepared


Learning more about the funeral process is a big part of the preparation process, and so is making sure you’re financially prepared to honor a loved one’s life with burial insurance. Burial insurance ensures that loved ones left behind will not be financially burdened by your final wishes, and their grieving process can be an easier one. To learn more about burial insurance or your final wishes, contact us to see how burial insurance can benefit you today.


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