Breaking Down The Real Cost Of A Funeral

Breaking Down The Real Cost Of A Funeral

While the average cost of a funeral in the United States is around $7,500 to $10,000, the real cost of a funeral will depend solely on a loved one’s wishes. In some instances, a funeral may be very inexpensive if the deceased only has very simple wants, or it can be lavish if they have more high-end desires. A burial will typically cost more than a simple cremation, and a simple reception done potluck style will be generally more affordable than a formal wake catered by a nice restaurant. 

Depending on the wants and wishes of the deceased, there are always options when it comes to saving money on funeral costs. 

Managing Funeral Costs The Smart Way 

Managing funeral costs simply adds stress to already grieving families. Figuring out how these costs are going to be handled may even cause infighting amongst the closest of families, which is likely just what the deceased would not have wanted. A few ways to manage funeral costs include: 

  • Opt for cremation – Cremation is generally far less expensive than a burial, and if the deceased has not specifically mentioned their wishes for a burial, cremation may be a more affordable way to care for the remains.
  • Self-cater the reception – A reception or wake can be held at a restaurant, but this could cost into the thousands depending on the foods chosen and the number of guests in attendance. A way to better manage this cost would be to self-cater the reception, and to serve home cooked foods made by family and friends. The reception can be held in a public space or at a home and save the family a great deal of cost.
  • Flower arrangements provided by guests – Rather than hiring a florist, having family and friends bring flowers to honor the deceased can beautifully decorate the space without added cost. This method is also often most personal as flowers are chosen by all of those who knew the deceased in their own special way.
  • Investing in burial insurance – Burial insurance is a way that any person can save and invest in their final wishes with the peace of mind that families won’t have to shoulder the burden after they’ve gone. This fixed rate type of insurance is affordable, and takes care of all of the costs associated with funeral planning, whether traditional expected or surprise costs. When pre-planning your funeral, burial insurance lets you consider all of your needs and pay for them in a simple and stress-free way.

Burial Insurance For Every Need 

The real cost of a funeral, even when cutting monetary corners where they’re able to be cut, is a great source of stress for many American families. With burial insurance, families can have the peace they need to grieve while still addressing and realizing all of the wishes of their loved one who has passed on. To learn more about burial insurance and how it can help your family, contact us today. 

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