Doing One Last Good Deed Before Youre Gone

Doing One Last Good Deed Before Youre Gone

If you’ve already lived a long, productive life you may be thinking about your future and that of your family. Maybe you’re thinking about the next step, such as retirement, or maybe you’ve already retired, and are wondering what comes after this.


Of course, there’s one thing that’s guaranteed to happen to every single person regardless of race, creed, or color. That is passing away and letting the next generation carry on. However, before that happens, you have some very important choices to make, and one last, possible good deed to perform.


Prepare For Your Passing


One thing people often don’t give much time to is the manner of their funeral. Some may believe that it’s a morbid line of thinking, considering the details and specifics of a funeral when you’re not yet dead. At the same time, this is probably the best period to give it some thought.


Burial insurance is one of the things that you can consider taking out right now, while you still have the times and means. As the name implies, it’s a very specific type of insurance that is meant to pay out for one thing only; the expenses involved in a funeral. This includes cremation, even if the informal name is “burial insurance.”


You Still Have A Choice


One big reason to consider getting burial insurance now and thinking about your funeral is that now, you have a choice. Once you pass away, all of these factors will be beyond your control. If you wanted a cremation but didn’t let anyone know, it’s too late now. If you had a specific song you wanted to be played at your funeral or had some activities you explicitly didn’t want to occur at your funeral, you can’t let anyone know.


You have no control over the manner of your death, but while you are still alive, you do have a say in what happens after. That is only, however, if you are willing to take the time now to think about it, plan it, and have your wishes made known.


Remove The Burden


The most important thing about planning a funeral, and getting burial insurance is that you help your family. Planning a funeral takes time and money. If you don’t do this ahead of time, you are forcing both of these burdens upon your family at the worst possible time; when they are upset and vulnerable due to your passing.


Burial insurance can mean that some, or all of the costs of a funeral are taken care of, so no one has to do extra financial accounting, and make decisions about handling funeral costs. This is a difficult time in the life of a family, and anything you can do to take some of those burdens away is a final gift that makes it easier for your family to heal, get on with their lives and start trying to find happiness again.

If you’d like to do this kind of good deed for your family, contact us. We can help you plan and provide support for your family before they need it.


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