Five Steps To Help You Overcome The Fear Of Death

Five Steps To Help You Overcome The Fear Of Death

Five Steps To Help You Overcome The Fear Of Death


Referred to as thanatophobia, death anxiety or fear of death and dying is common among many of us. No matter what our belief systems are, the uncertainty of when, where, how, and at what age we will die is a cause for anxiety.  For many of us, death is simply the fear of the unknown. There are positive ways you can alleviate or overcome that fear of death.


Positive Steps To Take To Overcome Fear Of Death


  1. Take Control Of Your Life


Try new things, challenge yourself, ditch the job you hate. If you have unfinished business, finish it. Work towards making your dreams come true! Live your authentic life. The fear of death is often a result of not living life on your own terms. The more you embrace life the less frightened you will be when the time comes for it to end.


  1. Adopt Rituals And Explore Your Spirituality


Whether you are religious or not, rituals such as prayer, meditation, religious or scientific study are essential for creating a sense of meaning to life. Your ritual can be simple. A walk in the afternoon, lighting a candle, sitting quietly. Whatever you believe in, having a personal way to process makes life more meaningful.


  1. Learn To Accept That Death Is A Natural Part Of Life


Accept that you are part of a great cycle of conception, birth, life, and death. Life and death are happening at the same time. For example, our body’s cells are constantly dying and regenerating.


  1. Honor Your Loved Ones Who Have Died


Another aspect of fear of death or dying is the fear one will be forgotten. Honor your loved ones, share memories with other loved ones. Utilize a retrospective obituary or memory garden. There are many ways to honor loved ones who have died. Be creative.


  1. Make Your Own End Of Life Plans:


Now is the time to discuss with loved ones what your wishes are. By preparing ahead it removes some of the feelings of powerlessness. Let your loved ones know what you want. For example, do you want to remain on life support? Would you prefer to remain at home or go to the hospital? Plan for your funeral now and purchase burial insurance to make sure all expenses are paid for and your loved ones know what you want.


End Of Life Planning


One of the most empowering steps to take to help overcome the fear of death is to plan your funeral ahead of time. Take the time to shop around. Look at the options. Pick out your casket and determine your budget and how much you will need. Meet with different funeral directors and once you have a final amount look into Burial Insurance. For a small monthly fee you will have your funeral arranged and paid for. Your family can focus on comforting each other and grieving your loss rather than having to make judgments based on what they think you would like or being stressed over finding the finances to cover the costs.

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