Funeral Costs: Expenses We Often Forget

Funeral Costs: Expenses We Often Forget

Funeral Costs: Expenses We Often Forget


Most people don’t like to think of their own death, let alone pre plan their funeral. It is often seen as macabre instead of the sensible, smart thing to do. Many people don’t even realize what all is involved and most of the decision making is done spur of the moment and within a short time frame. It is one of the biggest expenses most of us will never shop around for ourselves. These high costs show the importance of obtaining burial insurance.


How To Cover Funeral Expenses


The average funeral costs around $10,000 and that does not include the burial plot. Most standard life insurance policies are designed to cover your final expenses like paying for any outstanding debt and providing for your family. When that money runs out, it can leave your family in a tricky financial situation. Fortunately, a burial insurance policy can help. Burial insurance can cover all of the common expenses associated with a funeral.


What Are Some Of The Common Missed Expenses


Here is a break down of some of the expenses you will have to address when a loved one passes away:


  • Professional Service Fee: Costing anywhere from $500 to $3,000 it covers meeting with family, filing of the documents, obituary information, coordinating services. You cannot decline this service so if you are planning a simple service go with the lowest priced funeral home.
  • Transfer Of The Remains: you must pay for the funeral home to pick up the deceased.
  • Embalming: Mandatory for a viewing or if transported across state lines. Otherwise you can decline and save $700 or more.
  • Casket: This is where a good portion of your money will go, averaging $2,500 and up
  • Funeral Service: If you use the funeral home for the service you will be charged for the room and staff. It is usually less when the funeral service is at the church.
  • Hearse and drivers: You will be charged for the Hearse, any cars for the family and clergy. These run around $250 and up per vehicle.


With cremation the charges are less, however many of the same expenses occur.


Average Burial Costs


In addition to the funeral, there are also burial costs that must be added to the total price of your loved one’s funeral:


  • Plots: Many families do have “family plots” but in this day and age where families are more mobile it may not be an option and a plot will need to be purchased. It is usually less expensive to look at small local community churches.
  • Opening and Closing the grave: You will be required to pay for both, however, cost depends on the time and day of the week. If the choice is possible, choose a weekday morning as it is the least expensive, afternoons and weekends more expensive.
  • Vault: The cost is dependent upon the cemetery.
  • Headstone: Order direct from the manufacturer if you can and frankly, spend most of your money on the headstone rather than the casket and funeral. It is, after all, visible.


Planning your funeral ahead of time by choosing a burial insurance policy is not only stress relieving for your family but can save you hundreds of dollars that your family can use.

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