Funerals Cost More Than You Think

Funerals Cost More Than You Think

Many people don’t want to think about death, especially their own. It’s understandable, as no one enjoys facing their mortality. But there’s one area where stopping and devoting some time to your passing can have a huge impact on you and your family; figuring out the financing.


Most residents have no idea how much passing away costs. Because of the skittishness many have even broaching the topic of death, money never even enters into the equation, which can make for very unpleasant surprises when a death occurs and it’s time actually to sit down and organize a funeral.


It’s Never Cheap


If you want to have an actual funeral, as you’ve read about or seen in movies, with a service, a burial, and a headstone in a cemetery, all of this is paid for, and none of it is inexpensive. Some people have the incredibly misinformed idea that total funeral costs may run $50, maybe $200 at most. Some are a little more generous and think the more expensive funerals might run $1000.


The reality is, the average funeral in America costs about $10,000 and often goes up from there. To put that into perspective, since 1986, the cost of living has risen by about 123%. The cost of dying, however, has gone up by 227%, and even back in the 80s, it wasn’t cheap.


What Are You Paying For?


Funeral cost piles quickly up depending on what you’re looking for. After all, at every step of the way, a funeral involves trained professionals that are working hard to deliver a quality experience at a difficult time for people. Caskets, for example, are lovingly crafted, and can costs tens of thousands of dollars all by themselves, depending on how elaborate they are. The funeral service may require seating, space, and logistics to manage it.


If the deceased is a person of faith, then there may be associated costs with using a church or temple and engaging the services of a religious official. Burial requires securing a plot of land, as well as a headstone, which can, again, be very expensive, and even cremation still requires special services. All of this quickly adds up.


There Are Alternatives


Of course, for people that don’t want to undertake these expenses, there are other, less conventional alternatives. Those who wish to help advance medicine and science, for example, can donate their bodies to science. This would mean no traditional funeral service, but it would be very helpful to science. Others, if they live in rural areas, in the right state, may even be allowed to bury family members on their own land, if state law allows it.


Still another option is to plan ahead. If you’re worried about the costs of a funeral, you can always talk to funeral directors ahead of time to pre-plan these decisions. This might also mean considering burial insurance so that you pay a premium every month until the time of your passing when the insurance can be there to take care of these expenses.


If you’re thinking about planning your funeral and want to know more about burial insurance, contact us. We can help you address your concerns.

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