How To Bring Up The Possibility Of Death To A Loved One

How To Bring Up The Possibility Of Death To A Loved One

Discussing the topic of death is never truly easy. Some folks cringe when they merely hear the words death or dying. However, passing away is a part of life that nobody can avoid forever. It is a natural process that occurs when one's mind and body has done all that it can do. When the event happens due to old age, organs start shutting down one by one until the person comes to their end. On other occasions, an individual's death is often sudden and unexpected.

For instance, perhaps a male or female didn't exercise quite as frequently as they should have, or maybe, he or she failed to eat healthily. In these cases, diabetes or heart disease can develop, both of which can claim an individual's life early. Then again, one can not forget the possibility of an accident occurring, such as a car crash. According to the National Safety Council, it is estimated that 40,000 people lost their lives in automotive wrecks in 2018.


Talk About Death Now Rather Than Later


In other words, there are a lot of different things that can cause death. Therefore, families must make an effort to talk about the subject. Doing so will ensure that everyone has an understanding of what could happen as well as what needs to happen after a loved one passes away. Still, though, the question remains, how does a person bring up the topic of death? Read further for some advice to make the endeavor a bit easier.


If Death Is Not Immediately Knocking On The Door, Bring Up Final Expense Insurance


When persons start hitting their 40s and 50s, it is not uncommon for thoughts of dying to begin creeping into their minds. Call it what you will, a mid-life crisis, thinking ahead, or scary thoughts, but it happens. It can be beneficial for spouses to talk about the situation between themselves or with their children. One way to accomplish this feat is by subtly bringing up final expense insurance. When the husband, wife, or kids say they don't want to have a conversation about that, simply tell them to hang on a moment as it is a discussion that needs to take place.


Be sure to inform them that having a policy will benefit all parties involved. For one, it will allow the insured to plan out their funeral in advance, which will assure that all of their final wishes are granted. Also, the coverage will help family members as it will prevent them from running into financial hardships after someone passes away. After all, burials and cremations are anything but cheap these days.


Always Be Respectful, Compassionate, And Understanding


In many cases, when death is near, individuals already know. So, instead of avoiding the elephant in the room, ask them how they are feeling, and if they hint at they may be dying, talk about the situation respectfully and compassionately. This action will get all of the uncomfortableness out of the way and let you and them move forward. Then, you can reminisce about the past, right relationships that have gone wrong over the years, and make their passage into the afterlife as pleasurable as possible.


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