How To Buy Final Expense Insurance

How To Buy Final Expense Insurance

Most people don’t want to think about what will happen at their own funeral, and when they do, they concentrate on smaller details. They worry about what a loved one will say about them during the eulogy, or what music will be played. But there is a bigger, more important question that needs to be addressed when thinking about this sad but inevitable part of our lives. When you pass on, will you make your loved ones pay for the funeral arrangements? Or you will you ease their burden and get some peace of mind for them and yourself with final expense life insurance? 

Taking Care Of Troubles 

When a loved one passes, this is a time of extreme grief and trauma for everyone involved. Unfortunately, it is also an unavoidable part of family life, as our loved ones, through age or accident, must eventually pass on. When that happens, it’s important to mark the event and give closure to the living, but this closure, in the form of a funeral, often brings with it financial considerations like: 

  • Executing Burial/Cremation Wishes 
  • Embalming Expenses 
  • Coffin/Ceremony Costs 

There are many other additional expenses that need to be considered in order to have a proper funeral. You, obviously, will not be there to make these arrangements. But if you’re willing to think about it now, a final expense life insurance policy can take the financial burden away from your loved ones when the time comes. 

Planning Properly 

The first thing you should do if you want to make sure your funeral budget is properly allocated is taking the time to figure out what that budget will be. This may be the hardest obstacle to overcome, as many people don’t want to think about this situation, but doing it now will save a lot of heartache for everyone later. You may find your funeral arrangements to be a tough decision now, but for your loved ones who have just lost you, having them make these decisions during a time of loss can be excruciating. 

So take the time to plan. Figure out the scale of the funeral you want. Decide whether you want to be buried or cremated and figure out the logistics for carrying this out. You may be surprised to see what kinds of costs are adding up as you plan ahead, and this may even cause you to change your mind about exactly what you want. But make sure you get the numbers you need. 

Find The Plan That Works 

Now that you know what kind of funeral you want, and you have the numbers that will make it a reality, it’s time to line up that budget with a final expense life insurance plan. You’ve already done the hardest part; getting specific about your funeral. Now you can take those specifics and have a much easier time by handing them over to an experienced professional. 

You may want to have a policy where the full value of the insurance is available when it’s needed. That might require a lump sum payment straight away. You may want graded benefits that are released to beneficiaries after the term of the policy. Everyone is going to have different needs and concerns, but we can help.  

Living Legacy has the experienced professionals that can listen to you, take your funeral arrangement desires, and craft the policy that will give you and your chosen beneficiaries, the peace of mind and the financial protection required. This way, when the time comes, the only thing your survivors will have to worry about is their own personal grief, not financial burdens you have left them with as your final legacy. 


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