How To Plan Your Own Funeral

How To Plan Your Own Funeral

The best way to make sure your final wishes are realized is simply this – plan them out yourself. After a loss, your family will be grieving, and making all of these decisions without you there to help them will do nothing but add to the stresses they’re feeling. Pre-planning your funeral isn’t a difficult process, and it can provide invaluable relief to those you love the most in the event of your passing. While no person particularly enjoys making their own end-of-life plans, it can be the most treasured gift you can provide to your family in their lives.

The Planning Process

The planning process doesn’t have to be difficult, and it can begin on a simple piece of lined paper if you’d like it to. Once you get the ball rolling on your funeral pre-planning, you’ve already done the most difficult part, and now you’re only left with putting your wishes into writing. Funeral planning guides may be used to formalize your plans, but the start of the process doesn’t require any formalities just yet.

Some of the choices you’ll need to make when planning your funeral include:

What will become of your remains – When it comes to funeral planning, one of the most important decisions you’ll need to make has to do with what will be done with your remains. The most common choice is a burial, but this is far from the only choice. One can be buried, but they can also be cremated, or they can have their body donated to science. Burial is typically the most expensive option, with cremation costing less and donation often free of charge.

Where your remains will go – If you choose burial or cremation, you’ll also need to consider where your remains will ultimately end up. For burials, this means choosing a burial plot, and cremation will mean choosing an urn or having a place for your ashes to be scattered. Cremated remains may also be placed into the ground with a memorial headstone like a burial. You may also choose to be buried in a crypt or mausoleum or to be made into a memorial reef on the ocean floor. The sky is the limit when it comes to what becomes of your remains.

The services – Do you want a viewing? No viewing? A simple funeral? A lavish one? What about the reception – is a potluck style more appropriate to celebrate your life, or is there a favorite restaurant you’d like to host your guests? Your services will honor your life, and pre-planning your funeral gives you the unique opportunity to choose just how you’d like to be honored.

Burial Insurance Makes It Easier

With burial insurance, you can budget and plan for your funeral all at once. All of your costs will be taken care of, and your policy can be one that best fits your unique celebratory wishes. To learn more about burial insurance and how it can help you to pre-plan your funeral, contact us today.

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