How To Talk To Your Partner About Funeral Arrangements

How To Talk To Your Partner About Funeral Arrangements

There is one conversation that all couples must have, but it’s not one that is known to be necessarily pleasant to talk about. Talking to your partner about funeral arrangements ensures that your last wishes are met and that all preparations have been taken to make these wishes as manageable as possible. While death isn’t something that many enjoy talking about, it is an inevitability that all people face, and it’s always better to get comfortable with the conversation in order to be prepared.


Tips For Having The Conversation

There are a number of things that should be included in your funeral arrangement conversation. If you are yet to plan a funeral yourself, you may not realize all of the different components that go into planning the average funeral. A few tips for having the conversation about final wishes are:

Figure out what you want

Do you want a luncheon? Flowers? Donations to a charity you love? What about embalming and burial versus cremation? The first step to talking to your partner about your funeral arrangement desires is simply figuring out exactly what those desires are.

Do your research

After deciding what is most important to you, you’ll then want to research all of the different factors involved. This will help your partner to best prepare for your funeral when the time comes, as they’ll know precisely what to do when all of these side decisions come up.

Write it all down

Before, during, or after having the initial conversation, you’ll want to make a detailed list of your desires, research, and costs for your funeral. This will give your partner a reference they can use when that time comes and gives them a concrete resource that can be used to ask questions or studied to ensure your desires are met.

Consider financial preparations

The average cost of a funeral in the United States is just under $9,000 for the bare minimum service alone. These costs do not include funeral luncheons or wakes, flowers, or extras, simply the service and body preparation. For this reason, it’s important to prioritize financial preparations in your funeral arrangements conversation. With funeral insurance, financial preparations are taken care of, and those suffering a loss have peace of mind that their loved one’s wishes can be fully realized without causing financial distress.


Making Funeral Insurance Part Of Your Conversation

When talking about funeral arrangement wishes with your partner, funeral insurance can make the conversation much easier. With funeral insurance, you can make your plans, pick your policy to correspond with those plans, and have peace of mind that you’re leaving behind loved ones with all of the memories but none of the burden. Unlike traditional life insurance policies, funeral insurance makes sure your loved ones have the money you need when you need it, not a reimbursement months later.

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