Lack Of Funeral Planning Can Hurt Poorer Families

Lack Of Funeral Planning Can Hurt Poorer Families

For many people, one of the primary daily concerns is just making sure there’s enough financial security to keep life manageable. What many people don’t want to think about, or may not realize at all, is that even death has a cost. For some families, that cost can be unmanageable.


This is one of the reasons why some should take the time to consider what they would like to see happen after they pass on. Because for some families, a financial situation that is already uncertain can be put into even more turmoil by the loss of a loved one.


There’s A Real Cost


Few people give much thought to just how much a respectful, dignified funeral for a loved one may cost. As a result, many people are unprepared and even shocked if, upon the passing of a family member, they start looking at available options and find out what the reality of the situation is.

Even a comparatively cheap burial and funeral starts at about $5000 and goes up from there. For an average funeral, the cost usually starts at about $10,000 and goes up. Even middle-class families usually find themselves unprepared for this without prior research, as many people often have little idea of the true costs of a funeral and often have unrealistic expectations of such activities running a few tens, or hundreds of dollars at most.


Unexpected Burdens


For families with financial difficulties, or in the lower-class income brackets, the costs of a funeral, when the financial situation may be living paycheck to paycheck can be untenable. In the same way that some families may be strained—or even financially wiped out—by an expensive illness that requires major treatment, the death of a family member can push unexpected expenses onto a family.

In some cases, families may be forced to choose the cheapest option, cremation, with no ceremony or funeral, and no guarantees that their loved one will be treated with dignity or respect. There have been horror stories throughout the country of poorer families choosing cheap alternatives, only to find out later that the remains of loved ones have been sitting, ignored, and unprotected in storage or dumping sites.


Plan Ahead


If you want to make sure these unpleasant expenses don’t interfere with your family at the worst possible time, then think about your funeral before the time comes. Planning ahead can involve prudent, forward-thinking solutions, such as getting burial insurance, and paying smaller monthly premiums now, to have money available for a funeral when the time comes.


For the best results, plan your own funeral. Think about what you’d like, and what you hope to avoid, and start looking into costing now. By talking with a funeral director, as well as a burial insurance professional, you can start getting accurate information now, to plan for a realistic funeral and cost later. If you’re ready to hear more about this, contact us. We can help you start planning today, to take the burden off your family in the future.

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