Should I Pre-Plan My Funeral?

Should I Pre-Plan My Funeral?

Pre-planning a funeral may not seem like the most fun job in the world, but it’s one that can provide a great deal of relaxation and peace. When a loved one passes, the family left behind is tasked with planning the funeral while dealing with the grief of their loss, which can amount to a traumatizing experience. When your life is over, your impact doesn’t end, and pre-planning can give you just the impact you’ve always wanted. 

Perhaps you’re an organ donor, and your passing will provide life to others. Your assets will be redistributed to loved ones and live on through them. Your impact will go on for years after you’re gone. Pre-planning your funeral can be a comforting experience that allows you to have control over something you may not have realized you have control over in the first place. 

The Benefits Of Pre-Planning Your Funeral Arrangements 

There are many benefits outside of controlling your lasting impact when it comes to pre-planning your funeral arrangements. Some of these benefits include: 

  1. You’ll make life easier for your family left behind – At the time of your death, your family will have a lot of decisions to make, and decisions that need to be made quickly. During this time, they will also be grieving your loss, which can make this decision making process even harder. This can add a great deal of pain to the pain they’re already feeling due to your loss, and tensions may arise as emotions are running high. Pre-planning your funeral arrangements can relieve your family of these stresses and provide a much easier experience for all.
  2. Relieve the financial burden – The average funeral in the United States costs upwards of $10,000, which is a real financial burden for most families. Pre-planning your funeral arrangements can help to prepare for these costs and relieve this burden for your loved ones left behind. An investment in burial insurance ensures that all relevant expenses are covered at the time of your death, and your family will be able to move forward more easily.
  3. Everyone will know your final wishes were honored – Determining what your final wishes are, and how to honor them, is difficult for families planning a funeral after a loss. This can even cause infighting amongst families that makes the grief process even more difficult. Pre-planning your funeral makes absolutly certain that your final wishes will be honored just as you would have honored them yourself.

Burial Insurance As A Key Part Of The Pre-Planning Process 

The pre-planning process is made much easier with burial insurance on your side. The policy you choose will be perfectly suited to carry out your final wishes just as you please, as your family is not tasked with coming up with the financial means to realize your plans. If you’d like to learn more about burial insurance, or finding the right burial insurance policy to suit your final wishes, contact us with your questions today. 

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