The Checklist You Need To PrePlan Your Funeral

The Checklist You Need To PrePlan Your Funeral

Pre-planning a funeral can seem like a daunting task for many. There are various things to consider, and what will you do about the costs associated with your final wishes? A checklist can make pre-planning your funeral a great deal easier, and it makes sure you don’t miss a thing in regard to the whole funeral process.

When it comes to budgeting for your funeral, pre-planning is essential. Burial insurance can make sure your funeral will meet your needs without requiring your family to shoulder the financial responsibility, but you first need to figure out just what those needs are. Before settling on a budget, use your checklist to see just what type of costs you’re looking at.

The Checklist To Consider

There are a number of items that have a place on any pre-planning checklist. Some of these will be:

Your funeral service – Your funeral service will be the main event, and the time spent honoring your life and legacy. For attendees to your funeral, your service will be an important part of closure and the grieving process. The average funeral service will cost somewhere between $800 and $2,000 but can be more depending on the type of service you want. More elaborate services will tend to cost more.

How your remains will be contained – If you plan to have a burial, a casket will be necessary. If you wish to be cremated, you may wish your remains to be kept in an urn. Either way, this will come along with some type of expense. Caskets tend to be more expensive at around $2,000 for an average casket, while the average price of an urn is around $200. Like your service, the type of casket or urn you choose will significantly impact the price.

Flower needs – Flowers can bring a certain elegance and grace to funerals, but they’re not always a necessity. For some, a popular option today is to ask guests to donate to a particular charity close to your heart instead of bringing flowers to the service or to the family. If flowers are one of your funeral wishes, this will typically add between $250 and $750 to your budget.

Transportation – Transportation is a cost that comes as a surprise to many and may not be factored into your budget without a checklist to follow. Transportation costs will typically be factored into the cost laid out by the funeral home, but this isn’t universally the case.

Burial Insurance As Part Of Your Pre-Planning Process

Once you have a budget figured out, burial insurance can be a great help in the pre-planning process. Regardless of your personal wishes, your burial insurance will cover your needs so you can be honored without your survivors footing the bill. Burial insurance is an option for anyone looking for peace of mind in regard to their funerals and often requires no invasive medical examination to qualify. To learn more about burial insurance and pre-planning your final wishes, contact us today.

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