The Effects of Hoarding on Your Beneficiaries

The Effects of Hoarding on Your Beneficiaries

The Effects of Hoarding on Your Beneficiaries

Many of us often worry about what will happen to our family when we pass. Will we be able to leave them with an inheritance? On the other hand, some may worry that they are at risk of leaving too much for their beneficiaries, rather than too little.

How do you know if what you have accumulated in your life is actually going to be too much and prove to be overwhelming for your beneficiaries?

When You Have Too Much

Many people hold on to items that may have been passed down over generations. Others may hold onto items thinking that they will serve some kind of useful purpose for them in the future. However, these items instead sit unused and begin to accumulate in a home.

These items can include a variety of things from old paint cans to jewelry, books, records, tools, and bags, among many other things. This can be tenfold if the property in which the items being housed in is much larger as well because there is far more storage available.

Understanding the Extent of the Problem

When a parent dies, it is definitely a painful loss and can be very hard on the family. It also makes family heirlooms and other items seem much more sentimental, which makes getting rid of things and selling items even more difficult for the family. This is why it is so important to keep the space and home as clear and clean as possible for the family - not only for their own peace of mind but also for the family.

Throwing it Away

Leaving all the stuff in the home for the family to deal with after passing can prove to be devastating to the family. They will often feel as if they are throwing a part of their loved ones away with each item they get rid of.

They will also have to go through the heartbreaking and arduous process of going through everything as well. The more stuff there is, the more time and the harder it will be for the family. It is important to keep in mind that it is unlikely that the family will use items that have been sitting around for years. If there are outbuildings on the property that are also holding items, one can easily start having feelings of being trapped.

So, it is important to understand how to decide if an item is useful and wanted or if it should be thrown away. If the item will not likely be used at some point over the next two years, then it is probably an item that doesn't need to be held onto.

Don't Leave Junk Behind

To make sure that excess junk isn't left behind for the beneficiaries to have to deal with, it is important to have a discussion with the family. Decide which items hold value, which will be inherited, and what can be thrown away. Other items can also be donated to charity.

It is important to purge regularly, so you leave far less for your family to have to go through following your passing, which can ultimately lessen the pain and grief they will have to experience.

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