The List Of Funeral Expenses To Expect

The List Of Funeral Expenses To Expect

Whether you’re pre-planning your funeral, planning a funeral for a loved one, or you’re thinking about investing in burial insurance, it’s important to know just the expenses to expect. The average American funeral will run somewhere around $10,000, with this figure rising or falling depending on your specific wants or needs. Within this figure are many expected expenses as well as some surprise expenses that many find seem to come out of the left field.

Making The List

When making a list of funeral expenses, you have to look at the situation from all sides. Of course, you’ll consider the burial or cremation, the funeral service, and the burial plot, but what about the transportation? What about paying the clergyman or pastor hosting the funeral? What about the cost per hour for the viewing? During this time of stress and grief, it’s easy to miss these events that seem obvious after the fact. Every funeral expense list should include:

Funeral home staff basic cost – The basic cost of funeral home use and funeral home packages will typically run around $2,000. These basic services will include arrangement conferences, preparations, and filing of necessary certificates or licenses, funeral planning, obituary notices, sheltering human remains, and more.

Embalming – The cost of embalming will be around $800, which will be required if you’re not planning a cremation or an immediate burial.

Body preparation – This is often a big surprise cost for many, and if a viewing is planned for the funeral, body preparation is a serious thing to consider. Involved in body preparation will be cosmetology, dressing, grooming, alternative care, hair styling, refrigeration, and organ donation fees. For those who wish to be cremated, an express cremation will also cost a bit extra.

Funeral home facilities – Funeral home facilities fees do differ from the basic staff cost. These fees include facilities for viewing, use of facilities for the funeral, equipment for graveside services, and additional cost for Saturday or Sunday facilities use.

Remembrance items – Memorial cards, programs, temporary grave markers, prayer cards, and memorial folders used during funerals have costs of their own. These will typically range in the $20-$50 area, but often come as a surprise to many during the funeral planning process.

Additional fees to account for your wishes – Depending on your wishes, your costs will be different. A person who wishes to be viewed and buried will have more associated costs than a person who wishes to be cremated and kept in an urn.

Burial Insurance Can Help

Regardless of your particular wishes or needs, burial insurance can help. Not just for the big expenses most think of first, but for all of those smaller surprise expenses that tend to add up as well. With burial insurance, you can choose your policy to cover your desired amount, and as long as you pay your premiums your policy remains in good standing for life. To learn more about burial insurance coverage and the cost of a funeral, contact us today.

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