The Rising Costs of Funerals Today

The Rising Costs of Funerals Today

The Rising Costs of Funerals Today


The joke “I can’t afford to die” is no longer a joke. Funeral prices have risen over 227% in the last 30 years. Caskets have also risen over 230%. Dying is expensive. Yet we all do it. So why are most of us not planning ahead?  Your funeral may be one of the greatest expenses you incur and most of us leave it to our grieving families to make quick, spur of the moment decisions about our funeral and burial. There are some ways that you can reduce the price of your funeral and ease some of your family’s pain.


How To Save Money On Your Funeral


The number one way to save money and stress on your family is to plan your funeral ahead. Explain to your family that you are planning ahead and that you have designated a person or the funeral home to complete your final wishes. Here are some suggestions to help you save:


  1. Shop Around: Yes it is okay to shop around. Family run or independent funeral homes are usually the least expensive and make sure you get a break down of what is included in the costs they quote you.
  2. Pre-Buy A Casket: The average casket markup is 400%! Funeral homes cannot refuse a casket as long as it has handles. So be it homemade, from Costco or Amazon, shop around and save some money.
  3. See Different Churches: You do have the option of shopping for churches. Keep in mind if the service is in a church it is cheaper than if held at the funeral home.
  4. Do Not Post An Obituary: The average cost of an obituary is around $110. This may be a cost worth saving.
  5. Consider Cremation: Cremation is also an option that more and more people because it costs a lot less than being buried.
  6. Buy Your Headstone Early: You will save money if you buy from a manufacturer.
  7. Pick A Cemetery: this will be determined by location, religion and vacancy. You will have to decide if you want to purchase multiple plots for other family members. Look at the available plots and ask any questions before you sign any paperwork.
  8. Write Out Your Wishes: Who would you like as pallbearers? Any passages from books you would like to have read? Any special songs? Make sure your family knows if you want flowers or perhaps donations to a favorite charity.


All these tips will help you save money on your funeral, but even then, you need to determine how you will pay for the funeral.


Burial Insurance Helps You Cover Funeral Expenses


Once you have determined what you want and how much it costs, you can often finance your funeral through the funeral home. You can start a savings account to pay for your funeral. There are also many insurance companies that have Burial Insurance which is designed strictly to make sure your funeral is covered and your family does not have to suffer financially.


Burial Insurance Keeps You Prepared


You carry car insurance in case of an accident. You have homeowners insurance to ensure your family is safe and covered. Getting Burial Insurance or pre-planning your funeral makes sense to protect your family from having to deal with the added stress of funeral planning in addition to their grief.

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