Traditional Meanings Behind Funeral Flowers

Traditional Meanings Behind Funeral Flowers

Going to a funeral is often something of an uncomfortable experience. Grieving friends and family gather, and you may not always know what to say, how to dress, or what type of funeral this one is going to be. A traditional way to express condolences that says “Words don’t cut it, but you’re in my thoughts” is with a flower arrangement sent to the funeral home or directly to the family of the deceased.

Some families may have particular preferences when it comes to funeral flowers, while others will be open to whichever flowers you feel best honor the life of the loved one. 

Choosing Your Flowers 

Different funeral flowers will represent different meanings, and the meaning behind these flowers may help you to make the best choice. Some common funeral flowers and their traditional meanings are: 

  1. Lilies – White flowers are a common pick when honoring the passing of a loved one, as they represent a return to innocence for the spirit of the deceased. White lilies are a particularly popular choice for their graceful look and bright fragrance, making them an excellent choice for sending to the funeral home or to the family of the deceased.
  2. Carnation – Carnations are another traditional choice, but one that provides a great deal more options in vibrancy and color. If a loved one was a particularly colorful or vibrant person, sending carnations is a great way to honor their personality in life. For religious Christian funerals, pink carnations have a particular meaning in representing the tears the mother Mary wept for her son Jesus, so these may be avoided if religion is unknown or to be saved for the parents of the deceased.
  3. Roses – For a more formal showing of sympathy, roses may be chosen. White roses will represent the same return to innocence as lilies, yellow roses are a great cheerful choice to send to the loved ones of the deceased to represent hope and love, and pink roses typically symbolize thanks and appreciation. Unless previously mentioned, it’s usually best to avoid red, orange, purple, or black roses during a funeral.
  4. Tulips – Tulips, like carnations, are a beautiful way to honor the vibrancy of life when a loved one has passed away. No tulip color is off-limits, and they represent optimism and freshness during the grieving process. This is a particularly popular choice during spring funerals, and they show your condolences in a simple and beautiful way.

Planning For The Perfect Celebration Of Life 

Flowers are a beautiful part of celebrating the life of a loved one. Whether these are provided by a florist, or they’re supplied by family and friends, the flowers represented can say a great deal about the life you’re honoring. Burial insurance can help to account for the additional elements required for the perfect honoring of yours or a loved one’s life, and it allows you to pre-plan in order to keep the stress away later on. For more information about burial insurance, contact us today. 

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