What To Do To Plan Your Funeral

What To Do To Plan Your Funeral

No one is ever around to attend their funeral in person.  However, many people take some comfort in setting out how they want their surviving friends and family to handle their bodies and perform their funeral after they go.  It can be big and flashy, it can be quiet and formal, or it can be small and simple.  But no matter which choices you make, your final expenses will easily cost several thousand dollars and possibly upwards of $10,000.


These expenses are why it’s important to make arrangements for your passing before the time comes.  That way you’ll have a plan for your family to follow and you won’t be burdening them with any sudden debts.  If you haven’t started yet, then you should seriously consider the different options in front of you.


Make Your Choice


After you die, something needs to happen to your body.  You can choose one of several options:


  1. A standard burial includes embalming, a fancy casket, and internment in a burial spot or a graveyard vault.  This is usually the most expensive option.
  2. Cremation includes the embalming and casket for a possible viewing, but afterward, your body will be burned to ashes and the ashes will be collected into a container.  Your family can then scatter your ashes in a location you specify or hold on to them.
  3. You can donate your body to science, and the medical institution you donate to will handle most of the final expense costs.  Afterward, they will bury or cremate your body based on what you specify.
  4. You can request a “green” funeral with no embalming and a biodegradable casket.  This option costs less, but your family might object.


Shop Around


Once you have a broad idea of how you want your funeral to go, you should shop around and speak to all the funeral homes, crematoriums, and cemeteries. Find out what packages they offer, how much they charge for different services and compare what you want with how much it might cost.  You should also find out whether you can reserve services ahead of time and whether you need to pay in advance.


Decide On A Payment Method


There are several ways to make sure your family won’t have to worry about your final expenses.  Funeral homes and other businesses usually allow people to prepay for their services, although this may create problems if you move or change your mind.  Your family might already have a reserved plot that can save you time and money.  Another option is burial insurance since a policy you get today can potentially cover all your final expenses for a reasonable monthly premium.


Burial insurance can be a big help for your family since it offers more flexibility than a prepaid package and it can cover unexpected costs along with the ones you plan for.  It also helps that you can get a plan without worrying about taking a medical exam, and you can find coverage even if you’re barely holding on.  Speak with a local insurance broker today to find out what your options are.


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