Who Plans and Organizes A Funeral

Who Plans and Organizes A Funeral

One of the things that every person must face is that someday, that life will come to an end. And while we don’t have any control over the time and manner of that passing, given the right opportunity, some will have an influence over what comes after; the funeral. But if you’ve never given much thought to your funeral there’s likely to be a lot that you don’t know. For example, who has the authority to plan your funeral once you’ve passed away?


A Question Of Preparedness


Given enough time, and your permission, anyone, including yourself, can plan and organize your funeral. If you want to plan your funeral yourself, all you have to do is be willing to set aside some time and talk to the right people about pre-planning. Everything from financing, to the song, played at the funeral to the type of coffin or headstone can be planned if you’re willing.


If you’re not, then you can plan to designate someone to do this for you. You must specify this in your will if you have someone in mind to handle funeral arrangements. If you don’t have anyone in mind, the executor of your will is usually designated. If you don’t have a will, then a family member will usually be appointed.


How Does Payment Work?


In addition to the question of organizing the funeral, the big consideration is paying for it. Funerals, after all, aren’t free, and in some ways, they can require the same planning and funding as a wedding. If you have an estate, then the funds for the funeral may be pulled from it.


If you don’t have an estate, there are a few other ways that the funeral might be paid for. The money may be pulled directly from your bank accounts, though this often has gone through your bank first, who may have frozen your account upon your passing. When all else fails, however, if you don’t have the money available to fund your own funeral, your family will be responsible.


Plan Ahead


This is why for some people planning for a funeral may be the way to go. By considering prudent measures such as paying for burial insurance prior, and pre-planning, by talking to a funeral director about options, it’s possible to answer all the many logistical and organizational questions of a funeral within your lifetime.


This does several things for you. It grants you a measure of control over what will happen at your funeral, such as picking burial or cremation and having a say the way the funeral is carried out. More importantly, however, this takes much of the uncertainty, planning, and logistical requirements of organizations away from family members who are now recovering from your passing. It is a gesture of compassion for those you leave behind that you don’t burden them with financial or organizational considerations at a difficult time.


If you’d like to know more about planning a funeral, rather than leaving it to circumstances, contact us. We can help you with different aspects, such as burial insurance.

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