Why Should I Plan My Funeral

Why Should I Plan My Funeral

There are many things we plan for in life. We plan weddings, birthday parties, anniversaries, vacations, retirement, buying a home or car – why not plan your final wishes with the same care? While thinking about our death isn’t something that is viewed as fun to many, it’s something that important in making sure your final wants are realized. After your death, your family is likely to be in a state of grief and stress, and your planning can be an invaluable gift that allows them to go through their grieving process in a healthier and more positive way.

Many don’t realize just how simple planning your funeral can be, or that it’s something that can be done at all. Advance planning for funerals is not just possible, it’s recommended to create the easiest situation for your family left behind.

The Benefits Of Funeral Pre-Planning

Funeral pre-planning has many benefits, and some of these include:

  1. Save money for your family – For many, planning a funeral isn’t something that they do often. In a state of grief and stress, they’ll want to make these decisions quickly despite not having the clearest head. This can lead to them overspending or choosing unscrupulous funeral homes that add in surprise expenses whenever possible. Pre-planning your funeral allows you to do the necessary research, and lets you find the best possible value for your memorial.
  2. Give your family time to grieve together – Rather than spending hours at funeral homes deciding on your final arrangements, having plans put into place allows your family time to relax and grieve together. This can be a much-needed experience after the death of a loved one, and one that too few families actually get to have.
  3. Put an end to family in-fighting – Funerals are stressful, and during times of grief, this stress can compound and lead to in-fighting within even the closest of families. By specifically laying out your final wishes, your family won’t have difficult decisions to make, leaving them less likely to argue amongst themselves.
  4. Give yourself peace of mind – When you pre-plan your funeral, you’re giving yourself peace of mind most important of all. With peace of mind, you’ll know that your wishes are spelled out, and you’ll be able to enjoy time with your family without worrying about anything but making lasting memories.

Burial Insurance Makes It Easier

For those who want to see the benefits of pre-planning your funeral yourself, burial insurance makes the process even easier for all families. With burial insurance, you cannot just plan your funeral, but ensure it is paid for at the same time regardless of your specific wishes. This fixed-rate insurance covers all of the associated costs of a funeral and ensures that your family will not have to shoulder any sort of financial burden stemming from your final wishes. To see how burial insurance can positively impact your funeral planning process, or what burial insurance will cover for you, contact us with your questions today.

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