Why You Should Plan Your Funeral

Why You Should Plan Your Funeral

Most people are concentrating on their daily lives, and maybe thinking about saving for the future, such as college funds for the children, or maybe even saving up for a wedding in the not too distant future. Most people, for understandable reasons, don’t often include their funeral in this kind of long-term planning.


However, there are plenty of good reasons why you should think about taking some time out for this topic, and here are some of the best reasons why planning is a good idea.


At-Need vs. Pre-Need


Making “At-Need” arrangements means planning for a funeral right at the time someone passes away. Pre-Need planning means that people have prepared well ahead of time, and once the time arrives to think about a funeral, there’s no need to; everything’s already been taken care of.


Some people may scoff at the idea of thinking about something as morbid as a funeral before passing away, but these are the same people often willing to spend months—or even years—ahead of time planning a wedding. Logistically, there’s an enormous number of factors to consider for a funeral that makes it just as complex as figuring out a wedding, but with an added, negative twist.


Remove The Burden


When someone passes away, especially if it was unexpected, this is often one the lowest, most vulnerable, and traumatic periods in a family’s life. Without Pre-Need planning, you are adding to this worst time by leaving your family to manage the finances of the funeral, as well as make administrative and organizational decisions about it.


At a time like this, a family should be coming together and working to heal, not be distracted by the further pain of having to pay for a loss they didn’t ask for and organize an event that few people are happily looking forward to. Pre-Need planning takes this burden away from your family, so they don’t have to experience any additional complications at a difficult time.


You Get A Say


If you’re the sort of person that likes to maintain control, then pushing aside funeral planning means that you abdicate an enormous amount of control to people you may not know or trust. Planning your funeral means having the ability to make choices now. It means creating the message now that you may want to say that you will be unable to once you have passed away.


It also means being able to create the kind of funeral experience you want. If there are things you’ve seen or experienced in other funerals that you don’t like and don’t want in your own, planning now, to exclude them, is the only to get it done. Remember, once you have passed away, no one will be able to ask what your wishes are for what kind of funeral you’d like, or what sorts of messages you want to convey. You can only do that now.


If you want to know more about planning your funeral here, then get in touch with us. We can help you plan and go over certain contingencies, such as burial insurance for the financing.

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