Even The Cool Aunt Needs Burial Insurance

Even The Cool Aunt Needs Burial Insurance

When you think of being the “cool aunt”, what do you think of? Probably lots of adventures, travel, a free-spirited lifestyle, and having a good time. However, what comes after all that? Death is simply a part of life, and while insurance might sound like a “stuffy” subject, funeral insurance is something that even the coolest of the cool should consider. For the cool aunt or cool uncle, it’s important to keep these memories of your life light and positive, and not to burden your loved ones with your final expenses.

Funerals can be expensive, and even a simple cremation and memorial can run into the thousands. If you pass after a battle with illness or injury, these medical bills will need to be taken care of as well. With burial insurance, you can keep the fun going, and live your life peacefully knowing that your final expenses are covered.

4 Benefits Of Burial Insurance For Anyone

From young people to senior citizens, from the free-spirited to the pre-planners, burial insurance is for everyone. 4 key benefits of burial insurance include:

  • No invasive medical examination needs – With a free-wheeling and fun lifestyle, who has time for invasive medical examinations and thick booklet style questionnaires? With burial insurance, these aren’t necessary, and most can be covered after only answering a few simple questions. This means that peace of mind can be yours without making appointments or spending hours poring over a laundry list of questions.
  • Have your wishes met – After living a cool and exciting life, you’ll want your final honoring to be the same. Burial insurance allows you to know that your wishes will be met, and you won’t leave family members scrambling to do what they can with the means they have. If you want your remains cremated and scattered, if you want to be turned into an artificial ocean reef, or if you want to be donated to science, you can live happy knowing that’s just what will happen.
  • Families don’t have to wait – With other types of insurance, reimbursements can take months to come through. This means that your family will need to foot this bill for the time being to take care of your final plans and wait for a reimbursement to come later on. Burial insurance policies, however, payout right away, which allows your investment to pay for your funeral without your family waiting to be paid back.
  • You always keep it – With burial insurance, as long as you pay your premiums, you keep your plan. There is no expiration date or timeline, and your benefits will remain until the time of your death.
  • Live Cooler When You Pre-Plan With Burial Insurance

For the cool aunt or cool uncle, it’s important to keep the fun going. With the burden of final expenses taken care of, you can let the stress go and rest assured you’ve done the best for your family. To learn more about burial insurance for anyone at any age, contact us today.

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