Focus on Your Wellbeing, Not Debt

Focus on Your Wellbeing, Not Debt

Losing a loved one is a huge hit to anyone, and grief can leave you unsure of just where to turn or what to do. And making matters worse is the fact that death can often come with huge expenses – average funeral costs range from $2,000 up to $7,000 depending on the specifics. In other words, those left behind are often left struggling to find the money to pay for the burial of their loved ones. 

Failing To Grieve

Grief is a process that happens to everyone differently. However, one thing that is a constant is the fact that being able to actually have time to grieve is important. But when you’re suddenly left facing things like how to pay for a burial, where to get the money, how to fit the costs into your debts, and more, it becomes clear that it’s not always easy to even be able to grieve.

This can add huge amounts of stress to one’s life, leave you struggling financially, and can even trigger depression. After all, you’ve just lost a loved one and now you’re left owing thousands on top of your existing bills. Because of this, preparing is important. 

Burial Insurance Basics

One way to avoid this issue outright is to invest in burial insurance. Burial insurance can have a huge impact not only on your financial stability, but on being able to heal and move on as well. But what is it?

  • Burial insurance is a kind of smaller life insurance policy that is designed for end of life expenses. 

  • A burial insurance policy is often for around $5,000 in benefits, though more or even less of a benefit can be purchased. 

  • It’s possible to have a burial insurance policy regardless of health or age. 

  • The policy will provide funds specifically for end of life expenses like caskets, burial plot, cremation, embalming, and so on. 

Unlike a traditional life insurance policy, these policies are usually easier to obtain, provide smaller benefit amounts, and won’t pay for things like medical costs or just provide a lump sum of cash to those left behind. But sometimes, that’s enough. 

The Importance Of Protection

As we age, the inevitable end of life approaches. That’s why it’s a good idea for everyone to consider investing in burial insurance at some point. By paying ahead of time you are able to rest easy knowing that your loved ones are going to be okay and not left struggling o pay for your funeral.

With burial insurance, those left behind after a death are able to focus on family, healing, and moving on after a loss instead of being overwhelmed with grief as well as with money issues. It’s a good idea to talk to professionals to find out more about your options, and that’s why we’re here to help. Contact our team to find out more about insurance plans, burial insurance, and what we can do to help protect you and ensure that you are able to focus on your wellbeing instead of money. 

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