Funerals Can Be Affordable With Final Expense Insurance

Funerals Can Be Affordable With Final Expense Insurance

When one thinks about planning a funeral, affordable usually isn’t the first word that comes to mind. The average American funeral will cost somewhere around $10,000 today in 2019, which is an amount that is not considered budget-friendly for most families in the United States. Naturally, families want to send off their loved ones with services and memorials worthy of the love they have for them, but they stress over how they’re going to be able to afford the associated costs.

A funeral isn’t a single event, but a ceremony comprised of various services working together to honor and take care of the deceased. For most of these services, payment will be required upfront, and the costs of these services tend to add up quickly.

The Costs Associated With A Funeral

Funerals have a great number of associated costs, and these can really vary depending on a loved one’s personal wishes. Some of the general costs associated with the average funeral are:

  • Basic funeral services – The basic funeral services and use of funeral home staff will typically cost around $2,000.
  • Embalming – Embalming is often required for viewings, funerals, and burials, and will run around $800.
  • Body preparation – From hairstyling and makeup, to the final outfit, body preparation will often run somewhere between $300-800.
  • Funeral home facilities – Using the funeral home facilities is a bit different than basic funeral services costs. Basic funeral services costs typically refer to the services the staff provides, while facilities use refers to use of the physical funeral home facility. This includes the viewing, the funeral itself, graveside service, and other services. This will typically range from around $2,000 to $2,500.
  • Burial – Burial is the traditional method of taking care of the body, but cremation is gaining popularity due to its affordability. Burial will typically range between $2,500 to $12,000 depending on the specific wishes of the deceased.
  • Reception – The reception or wake after a funeral will be another sizable cost. To make this more affordable, a reception can be held potluck style in someone’s home, but for larger services with many attendees, this may not be possible. The reception cost will depend highly on where the reception is held and the number of attendees.

How Will You Cover The Cost?

Looking at all of the associated costs laid out makes it easy to see how paying for a funeral can be a financially intimidating experience. However, there is help with final expense insurance. Final expense insurance is a type of life insurance policy that anyone can qualify for, and that allows them to invest in their own funeral costs so their family won’t be left footing the bill. Final expense insurance remains in good standing for the remainder of a person’s life as long as premiums are paid, and it pays out when you need it without requiring months of reimbursement waiting time. To learn more about making funerals more affordable with final expense insurance, contact us today.

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