Give Those You Love Peace Of Mind With Burial Insurance

Give Those You Love Peace Of Mind With Burial Insurance

There are all kinds of insurance policies you can look into. Some policies pay out if something bad happens, like a fire that damages your property or a burglary that makes off with all the expensive jewelry and electronics in the house.  Other policies help you pay with inevitable issues, like how health insurance covers clinic visits, tests, treatments, and prescriptions (at least if it’s any good).

Burial insurance is part of that second group.  Burial insurance is also called things like final expense and funeral insurance, but no matter what the name is the coverage is the same.  The policy covers things like lawyer fees for executing the will, the cost of a funeral and burial service, the cost of a casket and a cremation, and other expenses that might come up when the policy’s subject dies.  Since these expenses can easily run to several thousand dollars and almost always catch your family by surprise, the reason you’d get burial insurance is to give your survivors peace of mind.

How It Works

Burial insurance is technically a kind of life insurance, but the way it works is closer to an auto or homeowner’s insurance policy.  If you pay a certain premium, your survivors are entitled to claim a payout amount that’s set when you take out the policy.  However, the biggest difference is that burial insurance covers a moment that will definitely come to pass.  This means you can plan ahead for the time your burial insurance comes due in a way you can’t plan for a car accident or a house fire.

What Coverage You Should Choose

Senior citizens often spend some time and money planning out their funeral service and other end-of-life expenses.  You can reserve coffins and burial lots, retain a law firm to handle your will, and plan out a service with a funeral director.  While something can still come up to add unforeseen expenses (like if you die while on vacation 1,000 miles away), this planning will let you know exactly how much burial insurance coverage your family will need to cover your expenses.  That means you won’t have to worry about paying for more coverage than you need.

No Medical Exam Required

Burial insurance is all about your end-of-life expenses.  These costs don’t change much if your final moments come earlier or later, and so unlike other forms of life insurance you don’t need to go through an invasive exam to receive full coverage.  In fact, a close family member can take out the policy and pay the premiums for burial insurance if you can’t support the payments yourself.

Burial insurance lets you cover end-of-life expenses even if you don’t have any other life insurance policies, and it reaches full maturity within a few years of your first payment.  If you worry about the financial burdens your death may place on your loved ones, consider investing in burial insurance.  The premiums are reasonable, the payout can be precise, and your family will rest easier knowing that you’ve covered everything essential.

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