How Do You Qualify For Final Expense Insurance

How Do You Qualify For Final Expense Insurance

One of the biggest questions asked about final expense insurance has to do with qualification. Unlike other types of insurance, most everyone qualifies for final expense insurance, and it simply comes down to choosing the policy that’s right for you. Final expense insurance takes care of all of the expenses related to a death and subsequent funeral, and those of all ages and all health can find a policy they qualify for.

Qualifications To Consider

There are many questions floating around regarding specific qualifications as they relate to final expense insurance. Some of these questions answered include:

  • Is my age a factor? – Final expense insurance doesn’t discriminate by age, and a young adult will be able to qualify for final expense insurance just like a senior citizen and vice versa. For young people, final expense insurance will take care of not just the funeral, but taking care of debts like student loans and mortgage payments in the event of their untimely death. For older individuals with most debts already settled, final expense insurance will ensure their families left behind will be able to take care of their wishes without carrying the financial burden.
  • Is my health a factor? – Unlike other types of insurance, health is often not too much of a factor in funeral expense insurance. Medical exams are typically not required, and those applying for a policy will simply fill out a questionnaire regarding their health status. For a guaranteed issue plan, this questionnaire may not even be necessary at all.
  • Know specifics to know eligibility – In order to know all of the specifics for your particular eligibility, it pays to research plans to find the one that best fits your final expense insurance needs. Different policies will come with different needs and qualifications, but there are policies out there for every interested person looking to make sure their final expenses are covered.

Why Final Expense Insurance

Final expense insurance takes care of just that – your final expenses. From the cost of your funeral, the care of your remains, or your outstanding debts, your final expense insurance makes sure that your family isn’t shouldering a burden while working through their own grief. Death is an imminent part of life, and final expense insurance is a solution to the funeral cost problem. The average funeral in the United States can run as much as $10,000, an amount that few American families can afford upfront and at the drop of a hat. With final expense insurance, not only do you have the funding you need, but you have it when you need it without waiting months for reimbursement.

When researching policies that meet your needs and your eligibility, it pays to do your homework. Not all policies are created equal, and you want to make sure yours fits your life and your final wishes. To learn more about final expense insurance that you can qualify for, contact us for information today.  

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