Speak With Your Family About Burial Insurance

Speak With Your Family About Burial Insurance

When you grow older, a time comes when you should face your mortality and make arrangements for your passing.  This includes writing a will that will divide up your estate the way you want it divided, and it includes making arrangements for your funeral.  A good way to pay for these arrangements is with burial insurance, but there are a lot of options out there and it’s not a decision you should make alone.  After all, your family will be the ones making use of it and they’ll be making sure your funeral goes according to your wishes.

Face The Future On Your Own Terms

Mortality is something that no one can avoid.  The longer you try, the more disorganized things will be once it finally happens.  So for the sake of your family, friends, and other loved ones, it’s important to address the issue early and make adjustments if the situation changes.  Taking out a burial insurance policy is part of this since the policy covers final expenses like funerals, graveyard plots or vaults, wakes, memorials, and possibly legal fees for estate division.  Your family might not want to hear about your death, but they’ll appreciate knowing that these expenses are covered.

Choose The Right Moment

When it comes to discussing your final arrangements with your family, earlier is usually better.  This gives both you and your family more time to come to terms with the future, and costs are usually lower if you can get to them long before the moment comes.  For instance, it’s much easier to get a lower monthly premium for burial insurance if you sign up while you’re still in your 60s and in relatively good health.  It also gives you time to meet with your family members face-to-face even if they live a thousand miles away from home

Prepare For The Unexpected

The reason people get burial insurance is because a funeral can be surprisingly expensive:  depending on how you want the ceremony and burial to go, a funeral can cost upwards of $10,000.  By planning things out ahead of time, you can figure out the coverage your burial insurance should provide.  However, you should remember to add a little extra to that value since you might face extra costs thanks to inflation, dying far from home, or dying in an accident.

Another good reason to get burial insurance is because it counts as a kind of general life insurance.  This means that it doesn’t count as a part of your estate and won’t be taxed or used to pay off any outstanding debts.  That way your family can use the money it pays out to cover your funeral expenses.

Thinking about your own mortality is never easy, but it’s important to do so if you want your final expenses to go smoothly.  This means discussing your arrangements with your family, and it also means setting aside money to cover these expenses.  Burial insurance is an effective way to do exactly that, so contact an insurance agent and discuss a new policy today.

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