What You Get With Final Expense Life Protection

What You Get With Final Expense Life Protection

Getting to retirement age and enjoying the good life should mean that all your troubles are now over; you’ve worked hard, you’ve paid your dues, and now it’s time to relax during your golden years. Your children are taking up a legacy of responsibility and it’s time for you to enjoy quality moments with your grandchildren, making loving, happy memories with your family as they grow up and live the life you’ve made possible for them. You’ve earned this time. 

Unfortunately, this time can’t last. Being in your retirement years also means the time when you pass on is no longer many, many decades into the future. No one wants to think about what will happen when they die, but at the same time, everyone should worry about what will happen to those you care about after you die. A final expense life protection plan is one of the things you should consider to make things easier. 

What Is Final Expense Life Protection? 

Even living a modest life during the retirement years, this is no guarantee that the money you’ve put away will last. There are many things that occur even during these quiet, tranquil years that can wreak untold financial damage on your assets. Events such as: 

  • Medical Expenses 
  • Additional Loans/Mortgages 
  • Funeral Arrangements For A Spouse 

These can all exact a heavy toll that your savings, retirement plan, or pension may not be adequately prepared to address. This is where a final expense life protection policy can be an invaluable “shield” against the unexpected. It can sometimes mean the difference between letting your loved ones get one with their lives, and letting their last memory of you be that you saddled them with debt. 

A Plan For You 

A final expense life protection policy is added insurance that can help to smooth out the rough edges in unexpected financial commitments related to life in the twilight years. Legal requirements, funeral arrangements, even repeated emergency service callouts can all exact a toll on fixed savings or income. But by taking the time to get a final expense life protection policy, you’ve got some extra financial protection for you and your loved ones. 

This policy is something that will only become available after you’ve passed on. It can be directed to a specific beneficiary, or, if you like, you can even direct it to a favorite charity if you want to continue to provide support to an organization that you feel deserves the help. It’s all up to you. 

Getting Protection 

Every person’s retirement and life plans will have different directions, different priorities, and different needs. Some people might only need to have a little bit of extra coverage, perhaps for some unexpected bills, and the final expense life protection policy can accommodate that with smaller payouts of just $3000. On the other end of the spectrum, some people might require more sizable coverage, and this same policy can go up to $50000 if that’s what’s needed. 

If you’re interested in getting final expense life protection for yourself and your family, we can help. Living Legacy is here with the expertise and the ear to give you the assistance you need. We will hear out your concerns, take a look at your current lifestyle, financial, medical and other commitments, and help to craft a specific, tailor-made policy that’s right for what you, your family and other loved ones need. 

This way, when the time comes, your family will be able to carry on without the added burden of addressing financial concerns. The final expenses can be paid, and they were handled by you because peace of mind matters both before and after the passing of a loved one. 


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