What You Need To Know When Planning A Funeral

What You Need To Know When Planning A Funeral

After the death of a loved one, emotions are running high. During this time, it’s incredibly difficult to manage the logistics of planning a funeral, manage the costs, and do the physical planning all while working through your own stages of grief. Creating a checklist before the death has occurred is a great way to give yourself a clearer head when the actual planning time comes around. 

The Funeral Planning Items You Need On Your Checklist

While every person will have their own wants for their final remembrance, there are some steps that are pretty standard across the board. The funeral planning items you’ll need on your checklist include: 

  • Choosing your funeral home – In the chaos of losing a loved one, choosing the right funeral home will be one of the most important decisions you can make. A great funeral home will be an incredible help all throughout your process, as well as in taking care of your loved one’s remains. The funeral home you choose should be well-rated and helpful, it should be in a central location where family and friends can easily attend if the services are to be held there, and it should be within your funeral budget.
  • Have copies of the death certificate ordered – You will require copies of your loved one’s death certificate all throughout the funeral planning process. The executor will need more than one, so it’s always a good idea to order a few in order to make sure the planning process goes as quickly and as smoothly as possible. Ordering death certificates does come at a cost, which is usually around $50 per copy.
  • Handling the will – The executor of the estate will be in charge of handling the will, and using the will to handle the funeral arrangements, pay final bills, file final taxes, and distributing assets.
  • Knowing who will notify loved ones – After a loved one has passed, close friends and family will typically be notified within 24 hours. A person should be placed in charge of making these difficult phone calls and notifying those close to the deceased.
  • Writing an obituary – An obituary may be printed on cards passed out during the funeral, and it may be printed in local media outlets. A person close to the deceased should be tasked with writing the obituary and having it printed.

How Burial Insurance Can Help

Burial insurance can lessen the workload a considerable amount after the passing of a loved one. With burial insurance, the financial side of funeral planning will be taken care of, and passing can be done peacefully knowing that family members left behind will not be burdened with the monetary cost of a funeral as they grieve. Burial insurance will cover the costs of body preparation, it will cover the costs of ordering the death certificates, and it will ensure all final wishes will be able to be met. To learn more about burial insurance and how it fits in to any funeral preparation checklist, check us out today. 

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