Why 45 Is The Best Age To Get Funeral Insurance

Why 45 Is The Best Age To Get Funeral Insurance

People in their 40’s might be considering, in passing, their final wishes, but too few take serious considerations. However, investing in funeral insurance in your 40’s is a great idea, and the best age to look for your insurance policy is actually in your mid 40’s – right around 45. For most, there are plenty of years left to consider final wishes and financial needs at 45, but for some, death can come unexpectedly, and it pays to be prepared.

Benefits Of Investing Early

There are many benefits of investing in funeral insurance early. Some of these benefits include:

You’re likely to have unsettled debt – At age 45, you’ve likely put some money into your home, your student loans are likely paid for or almost paid for, and you’re probably pretty settled into where you are in life. However, any outstanding debts you do have will rest on your family in the event of your passing. Your burial insurance investment will ensure that your loved ones left behind won’t need to cover your mortgage payments, car payment, or medical bills, as well as the cost of your funeral.

Rates are typically lower – A person investing in burial insurance at age 45 will likely have lower premium payments than a person investing in their 70’s regardless of their final wishes. By investing in your mid-40’s, you’re providing yourself a lower monthly investment with ample coverage you can feel good about.

Children are young, while parents are seniors – When you’re 45, many are in a unique “middle point” of their lives. Children will likely be younger, in their teens and early 20’s, which means they’ll still require a great deal of your help. Parents will likely be senior citizens, also requiring your help and attention. So what happens if you become ill or injured and pass on too soon? Parents and children aren’t in a position to carry out your final wishes without financial assistance, and the debt can seem insurmountable. Burial insurance ensures that your family is taken care of in the event of your untimely passing.

Get pre-planning out of the way – Pre-planning a funeral isn’t what many would consider “fun”, but it’s still a necessity. At 45, you’re able to stop and think about your final wishes in a sensible and thoughtful way, while burial insurance allows you to get this out of the way early and gives you refreshing peace of mind.

Planning For Your Future

Planning for your future and the future of your family is never something that can’t be done too early, it’s something you do every day, and this includes investing in funeral insurance. While your funeral is not something likely to be at the forefront of your mind at age 45, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep yourself prepared. If you’re around age 45, it’s not too early, and we can help you to learn more about investing in burial insurance when you contact us today. 

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