Why It's A Good Idea To Buy Burial Insurance

Why It's A Good Idea To Buy Burial Insurance

Dwelling on the specifics of how many people attend your funeral or what people say about you is not particularly productive. But wondering what kind of funeral you’re going to have, the organizational and financial logistics, and, perhaps most important of all, how all this will be paid for are actually good thoughts to have. 


Making It Easier For Loved Ones 

By making the difficult choice to think about your funeral now, you’re doing an important thing; sparing your loved ones the emotional and financial grief of having to handle these issues just as you’ve passed away. That’s the worst possible time to drop extra administrative and financial burdens on people who are recently traumatized, and if you’re willing to give some thought to this now, you’re taking this unnecessary pain away from them. One of the ways that you can take care of this well ahead of time is through burial insurance. So how do you go about securing this? 


Determine Your Needs 

The first thing you need to do is probably the hardest; you need to seriously think about your funeral. There will be many considerations to go over such as: 

  • Executing Burial/Cremation Wishes 
  • Embalming Expenses 
  • Coffin/Ceremony Costs 


Once you actually start giving thought to what kind of funeral you want, you should take your list of concerns and needs to an experienced funeral director, so you can build a budget. For many people, this will be an eye-opening experience as you come to realize just what kind of expenses are involved for even a modest funeral. You’ll realize that this is a significant expenditure, and it can hurt your surviving family members financially if you leave this unexpected expense to them to deal with. 


Research Your Options 

Once you’ve nailed down what you want in your funeral, you’ll have to start getting more specific about your options so as to build an accurate budget. Even the most basic funeral, with many “frills” removed, is still going to cost a few thousand dollars, and more elaborate ones will run over $10000 or more. You may have existing financing options within your current insurance set up. 

Different payment options exist 

Such as using a lump sum payment that results in a similar lump sum amount at the time the policy goes into use. Other options, such as a graded benefit policy will award an amount based on how much has been paid so far. There are also more traditional payment plans where beneficiaries will have full access to policy funds up until the moment payment on the policy stops. It’s all up to you. 


We’ll Help You Choose

Contact Living Legacy to help you with all your funeral needs. 

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