Why You Need To Talk To Your Ill Spouse About Burial Insurance

Why You Need To Talk To Your Ill Spouse About Burial Insurance

Who wants to talk to their significant other about death, funerals, and burial insurance? The answer is, probably, not many folks. These discussions can be uncomfortable and awkward. However, when a person gets diagnosed with a terminal illness, it is a conversation that needs to take place. For one, the talk will ensure that the wife or husband knows the final wishes of his or her spouse.


After all, the last thing they want to have to do is guess about pressing matters in the end. For instance, they don't need to be left with lingering questions about whether they made the right choice to cremate or bury their special someone. Plus, other decisions must be made too. If the couple doesn't communicate about the inevitable fate, the individual left living has to pick out a casket, flowers, funeral music, and more.


Don't Spend A Substantial Amount Of Time Discussing Things


Although it is vital to have this talk, it should not be the only thing that is on the mind of the couple. Rather, the persons should be reminiscing about past memories and creating new ones that the surviving spouse can hold onto for the rest of their life. So, don't spend weeks and months discussing death and the funeral. Instead, take a day or two to get everything in order, then, with the remaining time, both parties can simply enjoy each other's company. During the discussion, do not forget to bring up the topic of burial insurance though.


What Is Burial Insurance?


Burial insurance is a product that is rapidly growing in popularity. It is not designed to cover the surviving spouse's living expenses. Instead, it is intended to help the individuals pay for the insured party's final costs. The policy takes care of charges associated with funerals, such as...

  • Cemetery Plots
  • Headstones
  • Caskets And Vaults
  • Funeral Home And Director Fees


To make a long story short, burial insurance prevents surviving spouses or relatives from experiencing the financial burdens that tend to accompany a funeral. After all, lots of people don't have thousands and thousands of dollars hanging out in the bank or under their mattresses. Regrettably, they live paycheck to paycheck, which means it can be hard for them to come up with the funds in a short amount of time. A no-frills service and burial can cost upwards of $7,000 today. Also, a cremation with a ceremony can run north of $6,000. So, couples should consider getting burial insurance to assure that these costs are covered.


Another Reason To Discuss Burial Insurance With Your Spouse


Many organizations and states require that the insured person be notified about the policy. Some of them need the individual's John Hancock on the contract. Not to mention, in plenty of cases, the person even has to speak with an insurance company representative over the phone. Hence, persons should talk with their spouses about burial insurance, if for nothing else, to ensure that they don't run into any hiccups along the way when attempting to obtain a policy. Contact our organization for a burial insurance quote today.

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