You Can Still Get Burial Insurance With HIV Or AIDS

You Can Still Get Burial Insurance With HIV Or AIDS

In the past, HIV and AIDS were one of the most terrifying types of diagnosis you could be handed. They were literally a death sentence. And making matters worse, having HIV or AIDS meant that insurance was impossible to receive as well. This meant that patients couldn’t get health insurance or life insurance and that after their death, a loved one was generally left behind footing the bill. 

But times have changed. Today, HIV is no longer the death sentence it once was and with proper medical care patients can live long, full lives. That means that the days of being shutout of life insurance are gone as well. Today, it’s possible to get coverage that can protect you and give you and your loved ones peace of mind. 

It’s Possible To Get Burial Insurance Even With HIV

Today, roughly 38,000 cases of HIV are diagnosed each year in the US. But, proper treatment means that the infections are very rarely lethal thanks to modern medicine. Insurance has always been hesitant to insure anyone with a pre-existing condition, especially one of this nature. And there are still plenty of insurance providers who won’t accept an HIV patient at all.

However, burial insurance is available from other companies. The key is being willing to shop around a bit and find the kind of coverage that you need. It’s worth finding the right policy to give you peace of mind as well. 

Knowing What Is Possible

It’s important to be realistic, however. Any insurance company is in the business of making money, and as such they aren’t going to just hand out any kind of policy without knowing the amount of risk that they are taking on. In short, they want you to live as long as possible before cashing in your life insurance policy because the longer you live, the more monthly payments you’ll be making to them.

Because of this, they’ll ask plenty of questions of a potential insured client – and one of those is whether or not you have ever been diagnosed with HIV or AIDS. When you answer yes to this, you won’t be able to instantly get tremendous insurance with huge benefit amounts and low monthly payments. But, you will have a couple of options including: 

  • Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance – This burial insurance policy is an option hat just covers burial costs and there are no health questions to answer. You’ll get a basic rate and two year waiting period from the policy. 

  • Funeral Trust – A funeral trust lets you pay directly into a trust fund that is then paid back to the funeral house. It’s not quite life insurance, but does offer coverage and protection if you die. 

The Bottom Line

Finding the right kind of coverage is important, and no one policy is the best. The key is reviewing what they offer, what you qualify for, and then help you find the policy that works for you. We can help. Even if you have been diagnosed with HIV or AIDS, let us help you get a policy that will protect you and keep your family safe. Contact us to learn more.

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